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Jivan Hendrick



In the dreamlike urban reflections of my digital work, the city dynamics are often merging with a face or human figure, in a moment of self reflection. Much like the layers of our own being, the inner and outer worlds are woven together like a mirror house.

The images are combined in an associative way and although a title can sometimes hint in a certain direction, the observer is left free to come to its own interpretation of exactly what meaning is conveyed.
Making a photo compilation on the computer, and manipulating images into a digital collage, I move away from the instant memory that the photos hold. By adding layers of associated images the work is gaining a new intrinsic meaning, giving the work a life of its own. After realizing the photographic composition on canvas or paper, the image is often worked over in various techniques, ranging from hand painted brushwork and graphic printing techniques to collage of different materials and art resin finishes. Adding the human factor, of traceable handwork and the texture of paint, underlines the artwork as an experience of here and now.

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